Revolutionising eBook access in South African schools.

Snapplify provides a free, personalised eBook store for schools and is making the problem of access to textbooks a thing of the past.

The Snapplify team, having recently returned from a busy time at the Bett Show in London, have had a stellar 2015 already. SnappBox the distribution hardware, which makes downloading eBooks without an internet connection possible, recently won a FutureBook Award for its tech innovation. This month we received a lot of interest as AngelHub, former FNB CEO Michael Jordaan’s venture capital firm, announced its investment in Snapplify.

However we, as Africa’s leading eBook aggregator, have been making waves in the education sphere for quite some time already, developing solutions to bring eBooks into more schools regardless of their infrastructure make up.

More and more schools are looking at tablet and eBook solutions as they want to fully embrace the cutting-edge technology available to education today; the problem is not getting tablets but rather a way to access and purchase eBooks that is easy, central, and resource-effective.

Snapplify have been installing the eLearning Content Cloud in schools all over South Africa, providing them with their own School store where students or parents can purchase the required eBooks, the use of the advanced Reader for desktop (Mac and Windows), Android, and Apple devices, and also the SnappBox eBook delivery system.

“The Snapplify platform provides a free, personalised online eBook store for schools and the eBook readers support any platform. What is key is that the solution centralises and simplifies the eBook experience from procurement to end user usage and support. Less is definitely more!” comments Richard Knaggs, Director of Technology & Innovation at Parklands College. The eLearning Content Cloud has been well received in multiple private and public schools including Elkanah House and Rhenish Girls’ High.

Snapplify already have an impressive list of publishers who have signed up to provide schools with the necessary textbooks. Penguin Random House, Oxford University Press, Macmillan, Pearson, Via Africa, Heinemann, and over 250 more publishers distribute their eBooks in School stores – making Snapplify the largest eBook aggregator in Africa.

“Snapplify have proven to be innovative content aggregators […]. Their schools solution and SnappBox technology is changing the way South African students learn and making the problem of accessibility of textbooks a thing of the past. Publishers can now get their eBooks to students via one centralised platform, where they can read eBooks, make notes and save everything safely to the cloud,” comments Mark Seabrook, Digital Director at Penguin Random House SA.


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